2-8 Players
60 Minutes
40055 Big Bear Blvd

In the beautiful but rugged mountains of Big Bear Lake, tourists, hikers, and nature lovers often find themselves in tough situations: Lost in the woods with no water, maybe a broken leg while rock climbing the peaks, or potentially trapped by a blizzard or forest fire. On good days it’s a quick ATV ride for the Search and Rescue through the Bear Valley trail system to the last reported location of the lost, stranded, or injured. Difficult days may involve dredging through blizzards in subzero conditions, and then camping for days to finally repel down a cliff to pull out the lifeless body of an ill-prepared hiker; the ultimate punishment handed out my mother nature to those that lose respect for her beauty, power, and danger! On the good days we save lives… on the bad days we share tears with families that lost loved ones. Whatever the emergency, it always starts with an urgent call or a blip on the map. We have to stay calm, act fast and remain diligent. We are the first line… the ones who guide the rescue efforts… the problem solvers… the decision makers that make a difference between a life saved or a life lost.

The Bear Valley Search and Rescue Team is an all-volunteer organization. Amazing people doing amazing work…just like you. We thank you for being part of our latest volunteer team. We hope your first day is smooth and not met with tragedy. But whatever is thrown at you, we know you will be able to handle it! New volunteers, we welcome you to the Bear Valley Search and Rescue Control Center!

As new volunteers to the Search and Rescue Control Center for Big Bear Valley, it’s your job to support teams on rescue missions while taking emergency calls and keeping everything in check. Your first day however may prove to be tougher than expected as multiple emergencies come in. In the end you may be forced to go beyond your duties to give a helping hand.

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  • Bear Valley Search and Rescue